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Wednesday, December 28, 2022 - 2 min read

Perfect Spa Treatments Before your Roatan Wedding

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

On your wedding day, you want to be relaxed and looking your best, the stress from wedding planning and confronting a new kind of weather can be taxing on your skin and body. For this reason, we recommend couples to book the spa services that are available on the island. Below, you can read about some of the spa treatments that we recommend for couples.

relaxing Full Body Massage

A full body massage can do the trick to ease any pre-wedding day nerves. The tension accumulated from a long flight or cruise can easily go away with an hour-long massage. Massage therapists on the island are experienced in handling all kinds of travel-related tension, so rest assured that they’ll be able to ease any tension you may have. Several spas on the island offer different styles of massages like deep tissue, hot stone, and Thai.

Island Body Scrub

As a tropical island, Roatan is not short of lush ingredients to make wonderful spa treatments that will make your time simply luxurious. You can find ingredients like coconut shell, almond, ground seed powders, sea salt, coffee, oils to make everything smooth. A scrub will help sun-kissed skin to look its best before the big day. Freshly scrubbed skin also makes a neat canvas to get a perfect tan while you enjoy a few days on our island or more days aboard your cruise.

Caribbean FacialS

A wedding involves so many photos, both from guests and professional photographers, that you want your skin to look its best on this day to remember. Facials can come in handy to ease any post-travel issues. Spas have facials that can address multiple concerns like acne, dull skin, aging skin, and redness. They can also be a great option to gift friends, family members or in-laws to pamper them after their long journey.

refreshing Body Wrap

Spas also offer luxurious body wraps based on mud, seaweed, tropical fruits, and honey. These can level up your spa treatment before or after your wedding. Most of the spas on the island may even offer packages of body wraps that include scrubs and massages. We recommend this after your wedding in order to relax from the all the partying and the ceremony.

One of the best spas on the island for massages, facials, and treatments is Kao Kamasa Spa, from Grand Roatan. Grand Roatan is in fact one of the venues that we now offer for weddings and events. If you’re interested in any of the treatments mentioned above as part of your Roatan destination wedding, your wedding planner can assist you with finding and booking the best treatments for you.

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