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Roatan Events

Sunday, November 27, 2022 - 3 min read

Pre-Wedding Activities in Roatan for your Guests

One of the challenges of a destination wedding is, undeniably, planning activities for guests in an exotic location. You have different tastes, fitness levels and ages going on among your guests, so finding an ideal itinerary for all of them can be quite challenging. It takes knowledge of both your guests’ preferences as well as of your destination in order to find the right array of choices. Here’s where a destination wedding planner can be of help with their savviness and know-how of the places and vendors in your area. It’s actually one of the things we love helping our clients with (it’s so much fun to show off our island!). 

Roatan is special in the sense that it offers more than just beaches and water-based activities. Roatan is part of the Bay islands department in Honduras and it has connections with smaller islands that offer a bevy of activities. The fun is a key part of the perfect Roatán Wedding. Here are some of the activities you can offer your guests. 

Yoga & Meditation

Traveling for a wedding can be stressful. Doing something relaxing like yoga can be fun and can help guests ease into the party after a long journey. Luckily, yoga is booming in Roatán. There are studios available on the island that can offer classes for beginners and advanced practitioners to suit your wedding guests’ needs. To top it all off, most of the island’s yoga studios are in breath-taking locations that are bound to help your guests truly disconnect and relax before your wedding.

Diving, Snorkeling & Water Sports

Roatán and Utila, a neighboring island, are prime diving destinations because near them lies the large coral reef in the Americas. That means that your guests will find ample spots and opportunities to dive, snorkel, kayak, and much more during their stay. This can cater to your more adventurous guests. For the little ones that may come along, there is also the opportunity to swim with dolphins and to enjoy water-based games. Arranging such an experience for your guests is unmissable given the island’s diversity and great prices for diving.      

Hiking Through the Jungle and the Beach

Something that is usually overlooked by most travelers in Roatán is hiking. Its beaches and jungle make for really good trails that don’t require much climbing, making it adaptable for several levels of fitness. Given the island’s summery weather all year-long, you’re bound to have amazing views and pleasant conditions to hike. This can be an amazing bonding activity to help guests know each other and destress from traveling. It’s also a great way to know the island and to enjoy everything it has to offer. 

Getting a Taste of the Island

Unlike other Caribbean islands, Roatan offers and amazing gastronomy that fuses the flavors of Central America with those of the Caribbean, making for a unique experience. The island has also become a prime destination for expats from all over the world, so international and fusion cuisine has also been on the rise. For those guests who enjoy sampling local food, you can arrange for a tasting menu or for a restaurant-hopping tour to ensure everyone gets to try the culinary offering of the island. 

Rocking the Nightlife 

Roatán is not all nature and relaxation. The island also has plenty of great bars and clubs that your guests can visit to mingle with the locals and also to get a taste of local nightlife. The island’s mixology can also be enjoyed during these visits. Your wedding planner can suggest all the best places for your guests and even arrange for transportation in order to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort during the visit.

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